Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Break, Milan 2010, AIRPORT PARTY!

Surprisingly everyone was willing to go through the worst part of flying just to get to the party. We waited on lines, passport in hand, got checked off the guest list, and went through security. Boots off, belt off, watch off, do you have a laptop in your bag? A mix of those of us coming straight from working at our exhibits and a very fashionable set, waited patiently to get our bags scanned. I overheard an occasional rumbling of “this is ridiculous” but we all went along with the theme party. Boarding pass in hand we all marched out onto the tarmac and into the hanger. In the distance one of my co-works pointed out the plane he should have been on, to get back to London. The only thought was -pour yourself another glass of champagne and hope to fly tomorrow. We ended up leaving soon after, as the music was loud, and champagne became increasingly more difficult to get a hold of.

Hungry and with out reservations, we decided to get burgers at the Four Seasons hotel bar. Upon entering the bar we realized it had become a haven for Brits and Northern American’s looking for solace, from the over indulgent pasta dishes, and so we dined with friends and snuck off to scan the hallway’s and public spaces of a very posh hotel in Milan.

Sometime after midnight the suggestion was made to go to Bar Basso. Somehow, and I never got a straight answer on this, Bar Basso has become an institution during Salone del Mobile, and everyone floods the streets surrounding the Bar. It is an interesting scene, as you are rubbing shoulders with Design superstars, magazine editors, and owners of very well known furniture brands, along with students and design groupies. And yet everyone is standing in the street drinking beer from bottles, like they are on Bourbon St. We bumped into one designer who had stored champagne glasses in his coat and he poured each of us a glass from the very large bottle of champagne he had at his feet. And everyone spoke of missed flights, and sorting out trains in the morning, fabulous exhibits and design bombs but mostly we drank in the street as if it were Spring Break Milan 2010.

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