Sunday, May 9, 2010

They love eggs on sh*t

I was having lunch with a coworker the other day (“Pam”) and we started to discuss the breakfast situation here in Portugal. Brunch is a popular activity here, as it was in New York. Places are packed, and you may have to wait to get seated, but the main difference is they don’t actually eat breakfast type foods. Brunch here, like everything else takes an exceedingly long time. We have a running joke that anything that usually takes 1 hour will take 4 hours (like brunch) and anything that takes longer then an hour can take at least 24 hrs. (like getting a pedicure). Brunch is extra odd because all that folks eat are pastries, coffee and maybe a toasta mista (toasted ham & cheese). How can this small meal take four hours!?!?! I don’t know, but often times it does.

So I ask “Pam”, why don’t you guys eat scrambled eggs, or French toast, or pancakes? She knows what all of these things are, tells me she likes pancakes, French toast is dessert and eggs for breakfast is disgusting! What? Whoa… wait minute, eggs for breakfast grosses you out, yet as a culture you guys put eggs on everything! This makes no sense but it is what it is. Eggs are for lunch or maybe dinner. Here is a sampling of eggs on everything but your breakfast plate

There is a steak under that egg, and surrounded by those chips- another favorite food.

I have no idea what this is- it was in a display case, little eggs on little sandwiches?

Francesinha- this is the Porto sandwich. It is many layers of meat, cheese, au jus, with an egg on top and french fries swimming in the sauce.

This is from H3 the gourmet burger joint. It seems burgers are a traditional food here- just not in a bun. Hmmm....

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