Monday, March 29, 2010

The Office

My new Portuguese version of "The Office"

At moments it is a just a comedy of errors but it's my office, and there are good things, funny things and plain old weird things that go on over here. With this in mind I have chosen to name my co-workers after some of the characters from our American version (of course this is all very loosely based on those characters):

We have Stanley - who lets just say this is the "office manager", really this person is a combo of Stanley Hudson, Creed Bratton and Michael Scott, but for the purpose of the blog we're going to refer to him as Stanley.

Next up is Jim Halpert - the fun loving, young, kind-hearted, quirky guy next door type and friendly cohort.

Lastly we have Pam Beesly (not dating Jim) - fun, young, worker bee who, for most of her career, has been Michael Scott's assistant, and is the best possible person to manage Michael Scott.

Already I have had a few laugh out loud moments with my new cast of characters and I expect things to continue on this amusing path.

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